Making early intervention a reality

As spending on prevention accounts for only 3% of healthcare expenditure in Europe1, there is enormous potential – and good reason – for further spending to be allocated to early intervention programmes. In collaboration with the Work Foundation and associated partners and experts, the European Steering Group (ESG) on Sustainable Healthcare and AbbVie have developed this Toolkit to enable the scaling-up of the Madrid Early Intervention Clinic (EIC) project across Europe – and beyond.

How to implement the Early Intervention Toolkit in your country/region

There can be no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to developing and implementing the Toolkit. Different healthcare systems, countries and regions need to adapt the Toolkit, using a ‘bottom-up’ approach, taking account of local needs and requirements, and ensure ownership of clinical and system leaders.

Successful implementation of a bottom-up approach depends on the following four ‘critical success factors’, which are elaborated on in the next section on:

The establishment of a cross-sectoral platform for collaborative working and robust policy leadership underpinned by a clear and effective value proposition

The identification of a clear common goal among cross-sectoral stakeholders

The presence of a clear and feasible implementation strategy

Overcoming barriers through the application of appropriate incentives within the system

Building on these four critical success factors, a framework for the implementation of early intervention can be outlined as the following:

Achieving healthcare sustainability requires collaboration among all players in – and beyond – the healthcare system. To make this possible, the ESG for Sustainable Healthcare, the Work Foundation and AbbVie can be called upon to share best-practice examples and further insights.

1 Eurostat. (2017). Healthcare expenditure statistics. Available at:

Fit for Work Global Alliance is led by The Work Foundation and supported by AbbVie.

Toolkit partners:

Toolkit sponsor:

Fit for Work Global Alliance is a multi-stakeholder initiative, driving policy and practice change across the work and health agendas in Europe and worldwide (over 35 countries). The vision is to raise awareness of the facts of MSKs and make the case for more investment in sustainable healthcare by promoting and supporting the implementation of early intervention practices. Fit for Work is led by The Work Foundation – Lancaster University, which is also providing the Secretariat. AbbVie is founding sponsor since 2008. All the research is produced independently by The Work Foundation, with full editorial control resting with the think-thank alone.

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