Stakeholder benefits

A range of cross-sectoral stakeholders can benefit from the implementation of an early intervention service:

Individuals and their families

Through early intervention services individuals can remain in or return to work early, thus enabling them to continue contributing to socioeconomic stability and growth

Healthcare professionals

Healthcare professionals can better support patients to return to work as soon as possible, preserving their workability and preventing their disease progressing to severe stages

Occupational health physicians

Occupational health physicians can better preserve the productivity of the workforce through early diagnosis, referral, and treatment, utilising a network of primary and speciality care physicians


Employers benefit from: preserving their employees’ workability and retaining their staff, thus reducing the associated cost of health insurance and maintaining the productivity of their workforce

Health sector policymakers and stakeholders

Early intervention generates greater savings and efficiencies in the healthcare system by treating people early and preventing their disease deteriorating

Employment and social care sector (social security and social insurance) policymakers

Early intervention helps preserve the workability and productivity of the ageing workforce, reducing sickness absence and associated disability benefits

Finance sector policymakers

Early intervention generates value and synergies across several sectors including, but not limited to, health, employment and social care

Fit for Work Global Alliance is led by The Work Foundation and supported by AbbVie.

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Fit for Work Global Alliance is a multi-stakeholder initiative, driving policy and practice change across the work and health agendas in Europe and worldwide (over 35 countries). The vision is to raise awareness of the facts of MSKs and make the case for more investment in sustainable healthcare by promoting and supporting the implementation of early intervention practices. Fit for Work is led by The Work Foundation – Lancaster University, which is also providing the Secretariat. AbbVie is founding sponsor since 2008. All the research is produced independently by The Work Foundation, with full editorial control resting with the think-thank alone.

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