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Library of Evidence is a comprehensive web-based database which allows to explore evidence on EI with the use of easily searchable tables and tools supporting advanced filtering.

  • LRS
  • LPB
  • MSD
  • RD
  • RSI
  • UED
  • Whiplash
  • FM

93 studies

(in 116 publications)

  • 66 RCT
  • 27 Observational

+ 23 good practice examples from real world


  • Mixed populations
  • diversity of interventions and means of their implementation
  • patients compliance
  • overlapping interventions and usual care
  • diversity of reported data formats and time points

El type

  • Stay-at-work
  • Return-to-work


  • Multidisciplinary – 61
  • Therapy – 37
  • Service – 5

Library of Evidence – short description – inclusion criteria

a. Working age
b. Patients complained about the musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) or have been experiencing difficulties at work or have had periods of sick leave for less than 6 months due to MSD (acute and sub acute cases)
c. Healthy people at risk of a MSD

a. Rapid access (fast track) appointments (diagnosis, physiotherapy, CBT)
b. Multidisciplinary (two or more components from biopsychosocial model)
c. Case management with engagement from multiple levels of management
d. Care plans – return to work coordination programs
e. Multimodal prevention programs
f. Stay at work programs

a. Usual care
b. No intervention
c. Waiting list

Surgical intervention, different pharmacological interventions, interventions from one component of BPS model

Only if:
Work related and funtional end points (sick leave, work ability, return to work, presenteism)
Patient status (pain, disability) and healthcare utilization

a. full text
b. Only in English
c. Published from 2000 year

Evidence of Library


  • MEDLINE (systematic comprehensive search)
  • EMBASE (systematic comprehensive search)
  • CENTRAL (systematic search)
  • AMED (systematic search)
  • OT Seeker (systematic search)
  • CIRRIE (systematic search)
  • NARIC (systematic search)
  • NIOSHTIC-2 (systematic search)
  • PEDro (simple search)
  • OSH Research (simple search)
  • OSHA (simple search)
  • ICTRP (simple search)

Last search: April 2016

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